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Maternity leave challenge withdrawn

October 28, 2016 Crime & Courts Daniel Nemukuyu Senior Court Reporter— #heraldnewsonline The case in which a Harare woman was contesting the constitutionality of a labour law that denies newly-employed


PRINCIPLE 1 Streamlining Retrenchment Procedures The Labour Amendment Act No. 5 of 2015 currently poses challenges to the administration of the retrenchment process. The Labour Amendment Act section 5(3) (b)

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It’s a virtual community of Labour or HR practitioners, Labour Lawyers, Unionist, NEC officials and so many more. The program will be also start being screened on the National TV

HR for non-HR Managers Workshop

Presents… HR for non-HR Managers Workshop THURSDAY 27TH– FRIDAY 28TH OCTOBER 2016 | RAINBOW TOWERS, HARARE COURSE OVERVIEW Line managers are involved in day-to-day handling of people-related matters, making it

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