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To be registered for this workshop deposit the required Investment fee into the following bank account

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Profile of Facilitators
Our facilitators are from different persuasions but share the same qualities; they are all highly qualified

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The conference will inter alia tackle the following:

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The Zimbabwean business paradigm has been characterized by a puzzling ever changing economically, socially and political environment, which has brought the need to re think the HR management strategies as they present a critical aspect in the productivity equation and affect business competitiveness. With the national budget on Labour law reforms (para 612); TNF Bill (para 614), followed by the Labour Amendment first draft change is imminent, so don’t be caught unaware. Given that, the changes so far have brought befuddling remuneration strategies, IR management, complex motivational strategies Quia de illa the need to be well conversant with the trending proactive best HR practice strategies. The Annual Conference themed ‘HR the curators of the modern Business landscape: Building an Agile future rooted in HR’’, aims to empower you to design HR strategies that can match today’s diverse, complex and fast changing business environment by developing your creativity and thinking differently about HR processes, reporting, analytics and catching up with the changing business ecosystem.