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It’s a virtual community of Labour or HR practitioners, Labour Lawyers, Unionist, NEC officials and so many more. The program will be also start being screened on the National TV soon

In this group we discuss strictly labour related issues affecting the nation and also individuals can post their issues and can be can assisted however further personal engagements outside the group its now on mutual understanding .

Labour Matters Conduct Guide!

  1. Content should be Labour related stuff.
  1. No hate speech. Politics or political undertones discouraged.

3. No Pornographic Material or Sexist Language or insinuations.

  1. Not a social group.
  1. People to inbox each other for greetings or comments of a personal nature.
  1. Robust engagements and divergent views encouraged however this should not translate into personal attacks.
  1. This group is not everything hence everything cannot be here. Members should know what this means else Admin may be left with no option!!
  1. Adverts are also encouraged however only one photo is allowed per advert, we encourage pic collage

This is not exhaustive but merely a Guide for a professional robust engagement

Follow this link to join my WhatsApp group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/508ERY7xBcDBvB4z9Yl5SP

Or alternatively inbox 0777897586

or Click here to join

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