Get peace of mind as you let us handle your labour issues

Our Labour Broking package is crafted in a manner that gives peace of mind to your organisation and let you focus on value creation to your projects because:

Employ and supply suitable employees for the clients in line with the project needs
• Be responsible for the disciplining of employees.
• Be responsible for the total remuneration package of the employee.
• Monitor the progress of the employees and provide the necessary support and discipline to ensure the efficiency of the employees.
• Make every effort to replace any employee who does not comply with the conditions stipulated in the Employment Contract
• We will manage all your employees (with an option of retaining some)
• Any form of labour litigation costs is our full responsibility
• All statutory deductions and remittances are our responsibility
• We run and maintain the contracts and the payroll of the employees in line with
• All the employees will be employed by us thus giving our clients the much-needed flexibility to respond to business cycles
• We resource you fully whenever you need employees with the right skills, attitude at the right time

Our Methodology

To ensure the efficient running of the labour broking, Labour Matters will undertake the following process flow in labour supply.

Proposed flow chart

Understanding Clients Requirements
Once awarded the tender Labour Matters Zim will engage the client to get to understand the clients’ business and its requirements. This is meant to match the client’s needs, vision and mission, operations versus business targets to the prospective employees.
LMZ will be responsible for the recruitment of all additional employee requirements. The recruitment will be done in liaison with the client to understand all the employee requirements and specifications for the available jobs.
Verification of Employees
LMZ will send all CVs for the recruited additional employees for Verification by the client. If any employees are rejected by the client, they will be replaced by another pool of talent for verification again
Induction of employees By LMZ
All newly recruited employees will undergo a standard induction programme on company rules policies and regulations including health and safety standards.
Employee Deployment
Once inducted, all newly recruited employees will be deployed to clients ‘working sites where they are also expected to undergo a massive SHEQ induction and rules and regulations.
Supervision/Discipline/ performance management
 Supervision will be dual by both client and LMZ.
 Discipline will be by LMZ in terms of the NEC Code of conduct
 Performance targets will be based on the client’s performance standards.

 All the employee personal files will be kept by LMZ and ensure all the prerequisite documents are always available
 The pay date will be agreed together with the client
 The rates will be aligned according to the NEC Construction Industry
 All employees will be registered with NSSA upon engagement

LMZ will charge a commission as a percentage of the total wage bill. The wage bill will comprise PPE, Remuneration as guided by the relevant NECs including regular earnings, NSSA, NEC, PAYE, Standard Development Levy, ZIMDEF and other allowances if any.
• Payment terms are that: invoices will be raised by the 21st of every month or as agreed
• Statutory payments will be included in the payroll and shall be paid by LMZ
• We are resourced with highly qualified and dedicated staff that will ensure all your HR issues are done and maintained well all the time

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