The platform also has a 30 Minute weekly TV Talk Show programme, that aims to educate, inform and enlighten the audience on the labour aspects that govern the employment relationship. It also intends to offer labour perspectives on various labour matters that affect the modern day workplace. The goal is to reduce conflict in the workplace caused by lack of knowledge of the rules and regulations governing the employment relationship. Where conflict is inevitable the programme will share insights on how disputes can be expeditiously resolved. Basically the main purpose of the program is to provide solutions and answers to labour related matters that many people are facing without knowledge on how they can be resolved. With a good mix of guests from various backgrounds and persuasions, the programme also aims to stimulate and maintain viewer interest as it will be dealing with practical, day to day workplace issues.

If you missed our Talk Show Trailer you can view it above. Feel free to contact us for any suggestions, ideas, topics to be discussed or if you want to participate in the program

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